The Bride

Karen Richards

Karen was born in Madison, New Jersey. She was the fifth of six children born to Craig and Jan Richards and the second of three daughters. She grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys reading, singing, dogs, camping, and nerdy things like chemistry and math. When she was 16, her family moved to Alpine, Utah and she finished high school there. After graduating, she attended BYU-Provo and studied Chemical Engineering. She had a six month internship in Manassas, Virginia working for Micron. It was during this time that Karen and Dave met. She finished her degree at BYU, graduated, and moved back to Virginia where she now works full time for ExxonMobil.

She's got the family started by adopting her brother's wife's dog, Stella, and can't wait to get Dave back to round out the eastern off shoot of the Adams family.

Five interesting facts about Karen:
1. She had braces from her freshman finals in high school until her freshman finals in college
2. She was first exposed to chemical engineering from a joke about dish soap
3. 83 degrees is cold
4. She can't knit
5. She talks funny with her retainer in